Rich in content and high on production value, Avartan offers a broad spectrum of Computer Science books for classes I-VIII for children possessing different skill sets.

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The education sector is witnessing a spiraling growth and evolution. We live in an era that is largely dominated by technology. Technological developments in every sphere have fueled the need to incorporate technology into our teaching and learning practices. We, at Avartan are committed to help learners keep pace with these developments. Paving the way for creation of an interactive classroom, we are providing various pedagogical aids comprising teacher's resource material such as :

1 Digital Avantage is our classroom support which is designed to aid teachers and learners through e-book to make learning interesting and interactive.

2 Animation and videos are designed to enable the teachers to practically demonstrate the lessons effectively.

3 Test generator with an in-built database of questions and answers enables teachers to add questions in it.

4 Answer keys comprise the answers of textbook exercises.

5 Printable additional questions with answers to augment learning and enhance creative, critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills of learners.

6 Printable worksheets with answers which help to analyze and assess the learners understanding of the subject.

Test Generator

  • 1 Test generator is a smart and efficient assessment tool to generate customized test papers for learners’ evaluation. This product enables teachers to create test papers and worksheets speedily from an existing pool of questions. The generated test papers and worksheets can be downloaded and/or printed for ready use.

  • 2 The test generator facilitates continuous and comprehensive evaluation of learners. This tool helps the teacher to monitor the progress of learners, diagnose learning gaps, and take corrective measures. It can be used to prepare test papers for one or more chapters, with a perfect mix of objective and subjective questions for both class tests and yearly exams.

Teacher's Manual

The TEACHER'S MANUAL is a practical guide to aid teachers and educators in their day-to-day classes. The manual incorporates lesson plans for every chapter as well as answer keys.

  • 1 Lesson Plans include detailed step-by-step guide that clearly outlines the teacher's objectives and learning outcomes that have to be accomplished during the course of the lesson.

  • 2 Answer keys comprise the answers of textbook exercises.

Latest Technology Booklet

  • 1 Taking learning beyond classroom, 'Life is Digital' is a handy and informative booklet that discusses the latest technologies in use across the world.

  • 2 The booklet provides an insight into the world of computers.

  • 3 It complements books from grades 3 to 8 in selected series.

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Learn APPily

1 Pushing the frontiers of learning, Avartan offers Learn APPily, a mobile-based learning app for teachers and learners.

2 Learn APPily contains engaging age-and-level appropriate activities for learners to gain deeper knowledge of the lessons. It allows teachers to turn conventional classroom teaching into an interactive learning session.

3 This is an easy to use app that you can download by clicking on Mobile App tab located on the top of this page. It works on Android and iOS devices.

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It is an undisputed fact that great teachers help nurture global citizens. We, at Avartan believes that there is nothing more valuable in this world than raising happy learners. Research has proved that an inspiring and well-informed teacher plays a pivotal role in influencing learners achievement. Hence, training and supporting teacher should be a regular practice.
Having recognized the importance of this practice, Avartan organizes teacher-training modules that not only lay emphasis on subject-matter mastery, but also provide hands-on learning to teachers under the able guidance of seasoned facilitators. During the workshops, stress is given on integration of technology in the classroom to make learning more effective.
Workshops are an ideal platform that lead to convergence of people from diverse sections of the society-professionals, parents and academicians who are keen to reform and revamp the education system.

About Avartan

The word Avartan refers to rules that are recursive. As our name suggests, we continuously follow the finest publishing practices to produce high quality content.
Computers are the most marvelous gifts of modern science and they have become an integral part of our lives. They are playing a vital role in shaping the learning process.
Avartan computer education, provides a wide range of computer books that contain comprehensive and rich content that is high on production value and innovation. The books have been conceived and designed in such a manner that they make learners and teachers equal partners in the learning process and dissuade rote learning. Our books are endorsed by schools across the country and inspire learners to have fun while learning.

Mission and Vision

Avartan, with products that cover an extremely wide spectrum of technology is driven by the aim to cater to the growing and varying needs of learners and teachers in a format that suits them best. We, at Avartan play a proactive role in nurturing a technically-empowered generation which can contribute to the ever-changing needs of the society.